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There is also a simplified version available for traders known as “QFL” (short for “Quick Fingers Luc”). The objective of our evaluation is to assess the trading features of TokenTact and its suitability for meeting the diverse needs of investors. However, TokenTact has a rewarding referral and bonus program to help you grab package-specific discounts. Once you head over to the “Invite Friends” section and access the referral page, you can generate a link, share it with friends, and get a 10% discount on the monthly plan if anyone joins.

Summing up, a forex robot is a popular tool for any trader — from newbies lacking technical knowledge to seasoned veterans in need of 24/7 automated trading. Anyone can learn to trade Forex and make money on this unique market. If you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. This ultimate guide will break down everything you need to know about trading Forex, including which platforms to use, what strategies to follow, and more.

Alternatively, traders can contact the support team via Telegram or email. Both are excellent options for automated trading and have demonstrated the capability to generate relatively stable profits. The most popular USDT stablecoin may incur a withdrawal fee of $1 for TRC-20 and $10 for ERC-20 networks, respectively. You can learn more about TokenTact withdrawal fees on the official website. Every recipient received 400 tokens during the event but most of them sold the airdropped coins right away. However, those who HODL definitely made the right decision as the price of UNI has been on a steady increase and has increased more than 15 times since then.


Poorly-designed bots work on hindsights rather than thoroughly calculated models. As a result, the real-life profits and losses might not correlate with predicted ones — some bots don’t indicate profits correctly, resulting in a wasted risk management. Summing up, you can make money in FX, but an automated trading system that has never been actually traded is not the way to do it. TokenTact is an automated trading platform offering two types of easy-to-use bots. It’s the most straightforward way to start trading or bootstrap returns for traders of all kinds — from rookies to seasoned veterans alike. TokenTact is a cryptocurrency trading bot that helps improve the trade quality by giving the trader the right control and features they need to maximize their cryptocurrency trading profits.

You have successfully created your TokenTact account and subsequently started your 7 day trial. We use Fast Connect and IP whitelisting to provide strong security. This is just a small sample of the many paths you can explore by leveraging the power of the TokenTact trading platform. Demo account is the safest way to try something new as it involves no funds (available only on paid subscriptions). The process of the API keys creation on Kraken Classic has not changed. Here in this article, you will be given screenshots of both Classic and Pro versions.

TokenTact is an excellent automated trading service that is showing potential for steady growth. Its low-fee policy allows users to get the most out of their transactions, making trading even more profitable. TokenTact is known for being an honest and transparent business, creating only simple and straightforward trading tools. Although TokenTact has been on the market only since 2017, its services are already used worldwide.

This is a great tool for beginners, as well as more advanced traders who want to test out a new strategy under real market conditions. Throughout this article, we’ve presented various reasons why paper trading is a worthwhile endeavor. From mastering technical analysis to exploring new trading strategies, paper trading serves as a versatile tool for traders of all levels.

  • TokenTact is one of the most highly regarded services among cryptocurrency traders.
  • You can even enter, check out other traders’ charts and see how your imaginary portfolio is faring against other traders.
  • Hey, got a friend, family member, or coworker who seems cool and wants to start trading with amazing crypto bots?

The order will be filled by parts due to the current maximum order size restrictions of your exchange. Exchanges place restrictions on how fast you can send orders to your account. The limits can vary depending on your account size or Fee Tier level.

Binance Futures introduced a restriction some time ago (when Binance Futures crashed) to limit only 10 orders to be sent to the exchange in 1 second. All your deals should send not more than 10 orders to the exchange in 1 second. When you see this error, the TokenTact platform will continue to retry the operation until Binance accepts it.

It offers comprehensive Portfolio management, Grid bots, DCA bots, Options bots, Futures bots, HODL bots, Scalper Terminal, and futures bots, all from a single, practical interface. The more advanced plans have additional features like smart sell, options bots, GRID bots and DCA bots. Choosing the right plan comes down to how much you plan to trade and whether you want to trade options and futures. The trading school includes all plans and features, 4 courses covering crypto basics to trading strategies and how to build a trading bot on the platform.

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